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Jesus was not supposed to be born accidentally like other people, nor was he to be chosen during his lifetime, but was predetermined to be born into a chosen people, tribe, and family. Likewise, before him, some of the other sons of God were appointed to another role assigned to them by God before their birth. But Jesus’ role was the most exalted, and included his death by which he was to redeem all men. But the question arises – how could he have been an acceptable propitiatory sacrifice if he too had been part of Adam’s offspring who had fallen under the condemnation of death before their birth?

One of the conditions we mentioned was that Jesus, as a mortal man, had to

  • gain access to eternal life and have eternal “life in himself”.

This condition was fulfilled by God who made a covenant with Jesus. But in order for Jesus to have eternal life in himself, God had to do something else that would put him in the same position as Adam before he was legally separated from eternal life. We saw that the righteous were given ‘eternal life in themselves’ only after they were redeemed by the death of Jesus, since they were no longer under the condemnation. This meant that Jesus was first supposed

  •  to be redeemed from the bondage of death.

But how? We know how we are redeemed and at what price. That is why we are interested in when, in what way, and at what price was Jesus redeemed. What does the Bible reveal about this? Let us take a look.