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The way God brought Israel into existence, redeemed him and made him his firstborn Son is the principle according to which he brought one of the Israelites into existence as their representative and redeemed him and made him his firstborn Son.

We saw that it was done legally before the world was established, and it was confirmed …

  • at the moment of his baptism in water and in the holy spirit

At that moment God redeemed Jesus and selected him from Israel, and thereby also from the world that was in bondage to sin and death. Following Jesus’ example, other people are redeemed from death the moment they are baptised in water. Consequently they receive “life in themselves” by the holy spirit as a guarantee of eternal life.

Before we were given life by the holy spirit, we were baptized in water for the forgiveness of our sins. We laid our hands on Jesus, because by the water in which he was baptized, he took us upon himself and died with us. It is like the act of laying a hand on the head of a Lamb that died with our sin. Then we too died with Christ and our sin.

With the death of Jesus, the second Adam who took over the world, the world died in him and not in the first Adam, so that the sentence was modified to life. In Adam, people were dying without the possibility of resurrecting and receiving life. But Jesus took over their death so that they died with him and rose with him into eternal life.

  • People die in Adam, so they cannot resurrect in him because he was condemned to death
  • People die in Jesus (Adam) and are resurrected with him because he was resurrected into eternal life

To take over our sins, Jesus had to be redeemed from the world, and that world was represented by the chosen nation of Israel. The moment Jesus, the Son of God, died, Israel, the Son of God, died with him. This means that at a certain point in history, one nation was redeemed from the world, recorded in the Book of life, and assumed the role of the world, whose death by the elect was given the value of the ‘sacrifice’ by which Jesus was redeemed. As was said of Israel, his firstborn Son, so could God say of Jesus:

“Because you are precious in my eyes, you are valuable and I love you. Therefore, I give people for you and nations for your life.” (Isaiah 43:4)

God did not need to send someone from heaven to earth, a creature that was beyond condemnation, but simply determined at a certain cost to redeem one man and thus enable him to contain the value of all humans.

  • The world – committed to the slavery of death
  • Israel – redeemed from the world (representative of the worl)
  • firstborns – redeemed from Israel (representatives of Israel and the world)
  • 144000 – Redeemed and made firstborns (representatives of the firstborns ⇒ Israel ⇒ World)
  • Jesus Christ – redeemed and made firstborn (representative of the firstborns ⇒ Israel ⇒ of the world)

We see that 144,000 elect have been identified with Jesus.

JESUS ​​ 144000 (redeemed from the world) WORLD

Jesus was redeemed from this world as well as the 144,000. The 144,000 chosen ones were selected from the Book of life. God made sure they had the value of the whole world. By this value Jesus was redeemed from death and, having that increased value, died instead of all in order for God to redeem the world for himself . That is why Jesus represents the whole world before God by the value the world had in the number of chosen representatives.

  1. World – Died with Adam
  2. Israel, the Son of God – redeemed from the world – inscribed in the Book of life
  3. Jesus, the Son of God – redeemed from Israel (the world) – received eternal life
  4. World – Redeemed by Jesus, the Second Adam