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At the very beginning, God promised to put an end to the existence of the Ruler and the Cause of death by means of the ‘offspring of the woman’. This means that he had planned to place one representative of the offspring in Adam’s place. No man by himself could take the place of Adam and be the redeemer of the world. That is why God did something in Jesus’ case that increased the value of his life to a degree higher that any man has ever had. God had him:

  • predetermined
  • created in the womb of his mother
  • enrolled in the book of life
  • anointed and filled with the holy spirit
  • sanctified and separated from sinners
  • redeemed from the penalty of death
  • enabled to have “life in himself”
  • made a covenant with him for the kingdom
  • made Christ and Lord
  • appointed king and priest
  • appointed the firstborn Son
  • made perfect

It was God who did all this. Hence, Jesus, as a human being, had a lot to do with the things related to heaven. This fact had influenced the way Jesus talked and explained things. However, many did not even try to understand him right. Instead, they turned that man of God into a heavenly deity. However, all of the features mentioned above made Jesus, as a human, an adequate replacement for Adam. God himself made his life so precious that he could have the value that was appropriate to redeem mankind from the bondage of death. Jesus, by submitting himself to the will of God, contributed to that value.

Some of the features mentioned above God applied for other chosen servants, ‘sons of man’, especially those whom he had sanctified by the holy spirit from their conception. Even the very conception of some occurred in a supernatural way. However, among these features are those which God applied only in Jesus’ case, in order to separate Jesus from sinful humanity and to enable him to become their redeemer. God did so by:

  • redeeming Jesus from the slavery of death
  • enabling Jesus to have “life within himself”
  • making him perfect

These three features were to be first attained by Jesus, for he is the ‘path’ that has to be followed by all men in order to be saved. God has arranged some legal frameworks in order to first single out, and then sanctify one man, Jesus. He was to take Adam’s place and assume his role in relation to the humankind.

Man alone cannot do anything of lasting value, let alone redeem men from sin and death. But even with God’s help, one can only achieve it with authorisation from God. God’s righteous principles have to be followed. However, in order to enable the atonement, there was no need for a perfect celestial being to be born in human form. It was not necessary to step out of human frames, and say that only by a perfect celestial being could death be nullified and the right to eternal life that Adam lost, be granted to obedient mankind. But the question is, to what extent was Adam perfect? Was Adam given everlasting life from the moment of his creation?